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  • Master Plan

Do you feel confident in your home decorating, or perhaps have limited resources and want to do what you can when you can?  Are you unsure of the best order in which to do things; resources for help, supplies, furnishing and labor?  I can help you put together a Master Plan that will guide you through an evolving process over time, so you can relax and know you'll be making good decisions when the time is right and you're ready to undertake each step in your creative self-expression.

Whether you soak in your tub for hours, or rush through your daily ablutions, bathrooms provide space to cleanse, renew and restore your body, your emotions, your mind and spirit.  

Your approach to this process is my command.  I can create a spa-like space, a lovely guest bath or a utilitarian rush-brush bathroom, depending on your needs.  Tucked into tiny spaces under attic eaves or stairs; or creating a grand bath the size of a bedroom, size doesn't matter.  On my watch, your bathroom will SING!

  • Bathrooms

  • Re-imagining Space

Whether you want to expand a kitchen, open up a bottleneck at your front door, transform a space from one form to another or solve challenging problems with the existing layout, my outside-the-box thinking and creative approach to space planning can open you to interior design ideas you never thought possible.  Put a pencil in my hand and let the inspiration flow!

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  • Kitchens

Kitchens present very complex design challenges. There are so many details to consider that homeowners are often overwhelmed before they even begin.  It takes a keen eye for creative space planning, deep knowledge of appliance and plumbing specifications, understanding of structural and cabinetry construction and a sensitivity to each client's unique approach to preparing and storing food to create a beautiful kitchen that perfectly fits your every need.

I have 23 years of experience designing kitchens from humble to grand, from Kosher to Kitsch, and in houses old and new. During that time I have worked in some very challenging spaces, so whatever your needs, in whatever type of home you are remodeling, you can expect the kitchen of your dreams.

  • Color Consultation

Color is the most dominant element in any interior environment and has the most profound effect on your mind, body and spirit. Choosing the right color scheme for your interior design, and within that, for each space in your home, can be daunting. I can help you discern the most subtle nuances of color to find the ones which will create an inner harmony with your spirit and a visual harmony flowing through the spaces of your home.

I can also create a Colormap for you.

  • Full Service Interior Design

From re-imagining challenging spaces, to color and furniture selection, to lighting and accessorizing; I work with you to create a completely unique home design that serves your every need and reflects your grandest dreams.