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​I met Carolyn Anderson by chance at a breakfast hosted by a mutual friend.  As I asked her what she did for a living, and she mentioned interior design, I felt an immediate calling to ask for her help transferring my basement into a space I could rent out as an AirB&B.  Wow!  The very first time she met with me I knew I had made the right decision.  She could see beyond the existing clutter and kid-friendly decorating to the lovely, tranquil sanctuary it has become - exactly what I wanted to offer, and far beyond what I had been able to visualize myself.  The space has been incredibly successful, receiving 5-star reviews by every visitor  Thank you Carolyn, for creating a beautiful space which attracts the most lovely people, and which invites them to feel so relaxed and comfortable.  
Karen S.  Asheville, NC. 

Carolyn, I don’t even know where to begin to thank you for the consultation and fun we had yesterday.   I was apprehensive as my only experience with an interior designer was some years ago and all he wanted to do was sell me his likes and dislikes.  I did not follow his vision as I knew my house would be just the way he wanted it and would have nothing of me in it.  It was a bad experience to say the least.

You listened to what we said and I am so excited for what came out of the time we shared.

Again,  many thanks and I know we will be working together.   Of course, I will recommend you to anyone who wants to listen.

Beverly B. Asheville, NC

Carolyn can make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear.  We moved back to Asheville after many years away, and bought a house which was in a beautiful setting outside but which lacked character inside.  Carolyn is helping us bring it up to par with our taste for elegant detail.  The colors and fabrics she has selected for us are STUNNING!  The new furniture she has helped us find feels right at home with our antiques; and the overall design has come together in an effortless union of new and old.  We are enjoying working with Carolyn as we complete the remainder of the project.  I highly recommend her to anyone who wants to make their home fit them like a glove and become something really joyful to live in.  
Heather and Ed H.  Weaverville, NC

After moving into the home of my new partner and his children, I soon realized I needed "a room of my own." There was only one free choice, a strangely shaped catch-all space over the garage. That is when I called upon the rare gifts of Carolyn Anderson to help me envision something that would be a peaceful and sacred refuge for my inner self. Carolyn's process was a beautiful one. We sat together in a kind of meditative silence before a candle as I articulated what I needed from this space, in this new home. There was no rush in the process ... never the "take-over" impersonal attitude of a busy professional. As my dreams emerged, Carolyn made detailed sketches of various color and design choices for the room, with a range of price options. She knows her paints, furniture and carpentry issues, and drew detailed sketches for painters and carpenters to follow. What exists now is the most admired and coveted space in the house, a room that is both elegant and sacred. In that room a new chapter of my life began: I penned the first draft of my first book. I am deeply grateful for Carolyn Anderson, a woman of rare skill, creativity and dedication.

Jane Smith Bernhardt author, artist, performer, Exeter, NH

When we moved into a new construction home recently, we needed help with decorating, specifically with paint colors and overall design ideas. Carolyn Anderson worked with us on the interior decorating and we are extremely pleased with the results. She began her consultation by asking us questions about our tastes, likes and lifestyle in order to fully understand the 'big picture' of our family. She then gave ideas and examples of paint colors for each room, taking into account the natural lighting and position of the house. She had creative ideas, especially in our son's room and we love how each room turned out! Her guidance helped to create an overall decor theme that transitions well into all areas, and accentuates the unique features of our house. Carolyn was very professional and knowledgeable; she included us in all aspects of the design process, and we highly recommend her. She is wonderful to work with and we will most definitely work with her again in the future!

​Shad and Krissy N., Snoqualmie, WA

My friendship with Carolyn goes back to the early 70's. Her artistic talent is unending ! She has always had an elegance about her.  She could create beauty in her surroundings with ease and exquisite taste. I have always been in awe of her creativity. In those days she would transform an otherwise drab house into a beautiful cheerful home. I will never forget the brilliant sandbox she created from scratch (including a hinged lid to keep neighborhood cats out) for our children to play in. She has an amazing gift of vision with the artistic ability to create. Carolyn is one special lady !
​Sue G. Mill Valley, CA

Carolyn recognizes that her job is not to impose her sense of style on her clients, but to understand their tastes and lifestyle so she can create a color scheme and design that both captures those tastes and pushes them into new territory.  When we purchased our first home in Seattle, WA, she recognized that we loved bold colors, but that we did not feel confident committing to that boldness on our own. Carolyn created for us a home with soothing neutrals accentuated by strategically placed deep blue and crimson accents that we absolutely loved.  When we moved into our second house, one of our first calls was to Carolyn for her intuitive ability to help us adjust to our changing tastes and to help us create an even more beautiful home.  Then, upon moving East, and buying a very different style house, we called upon Carolyn’s vast experience to help us design interior spaces that meld the architecture with our lifestyle as well as she did our first two homes.  We can’t speak highly enough about her skill, her vision, her quiet confidence and how genuinely she takes care of her clients. 
​Michelle and Evan E.  Aldie, VA

​The outstanding difference in working with Carolyn is that she listens…When the job appears overwhelming, she can break it down into palatable sequences. Her visual understanding of the final product is so detailed as to inspire trust that there is very little room for error. Carolyn is so committed to getting it right that she carefully oversees every detail of the project to assure that the vision she helps to articulate is accomplished.  Of most importance is that she thinks outside the box. Her creativity is without peer. Her ability to seamlessly blend my valued furniture into an entirely new context has thrilled me. I highly recommend Carolyn for her insight and ability to bring to life something as inspiring as what she created for me.
Susan S. Cambridge, MA



All my experiences with you over the time we worked together were great. A lot of really happy customers. Beautiful designs and cabinetry.  

Ginny Blanchard, Blanchard Woodworking, Holliston, MA

I found Carolyn at a Traditional Building Conference in Charleston, SC. After her talk I approached her about a snag I had run into in our antebellum plantation house restoration. The kitchen had never been in the house, and was in terrible disrepair after nearly a century of neglect. She offered us many options for recreating it as an outbuilding that would be conjoined with the house, but we ended up deciding it would be better to just integrate it into the house. Her intensity of focus and thorough knowledge about historic design made the final result absolutely flawless.  Our guests spend all their time in this room (which was once a bedchamber) and can't get over how beautiful and functional it is, and how much it appears to BELONG to the rest of the house.

Richard M. Huntsville, AL

Carolyn helped us renovate (rehab?) the kitchen in our architecturally important house designed in the early 1900's by Willis Polk.  She was so careful to find any original features that would make the transition to a contemporary kitchen work seamlessly with the architecture.  There had been a 1980's renovation that left the kitchen drab , cramped and lifeless. She started  by opening the kitchen to the breakfast room, then  used a stove from the 1930's I had inherited and refurbished as the centerpiece.  She took up the black and white tile on the floor to find and restore almost perfect fir flooring underneath, and explored antique shops for details that would span the time since the house was built.  When the kitchen was finished, we were so pleased with how gracious, open, light and easy it was for us to work in.  We LOVE it!

Melissa F. Berkeley, CA

Carolyn covers aspects of color and light I have never heard of in any color class I've ever taken before! Her unique approach to selecting paint colors for the home was fascinating and very helpful.

Debbie, Bellevue, WA

When you wish upon a star, dreams come true. Thank you for making our Dream House a reality. 

Barbara G. Norfolk, MA

With your wonderful flair for creating beautiful spaces, you have made a hospital room into a warm and beautiful place that has made ALL THE DIFFERENCE for my stay here.  Thank you for sharing yourself so generously with me.  

Pam, Brigham and Women't Hospital, Boston, MA

What a wonderful presentation! So full of information, heart and soul. We look forward to a future date.  

PS: I found myself relating to my surroundings in a much more meaningful way. Thank you so much!

Susan, Karen and Common Stuff crew. Continuing Ed Students, Overland Park, KS

The people who have partaken of my Interior Design services, collaborated with me on projects, or taken my courses over the years have a few things to say: 

We decided to hire a real professional who could make every dollar count and give us a more sophisticated, intelligent design than either of us could dream of. We asked friends and relations if anyone knew of such a designer, and Carolyn’s name was mentioned with high praise, so we decided to go with her. ... It gives me chills when I think of the day we settled on the final plan. It was so perfect, so elegant and so us we were speechless. The final results were transformative, to say the least, and were made possible by Carolyn’s dedication, and her intelligent, emotive design. In my book, she has no peer.

David C. Fredericton, NB, Canada