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Home interior Design

hAt Carolyn Anderson Design, I create beautiful, masterfully crafted and deeply thoughtful interiors that reflect the most compelling vision you have for your home and your life.  My purpose is to provide you with home design inspiration that encourages  you to reach for the richest life experience you can imagine.

Imagine a home in which you feel so alive, so relaxed and comfortable, so uplifted and inspired that the old saying "I love to travel, but I love to come home," speaks to your daily life - a home that encourages playful self-expression for everyone living there.  Imagine a kitchen that invokes your culinary genius;  personal spaces that invite you to rest, renew and revitalize; living spaces you really love spending time in and sharing with your guests; a creative space that beckons you to get going on that project you've always wanted to bring forth; a sacred space that supports your inner Being.

I am a dream-whisperer, skilled at recreating the vision you have for your life in the rooms in which you live, work, play and sleep every day. My creativity, my outside-the-box problem solving and my visionary imagination are at your serivce for designing inspiring, graceful and functional interiors that nourish your spirit and bring out the best in you.

Masterful Home Interior Design