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Serving  Asheville, Black Mountain, Hendersonville, and surrounding areas of WNC .

 Long distance services available anywhere in the U.S. and Canada

Carolyn Anderson is always learning and evolving.  She has been both a fashion and an interior designer, and brings to her work a deep understanding of the multi-dimensional relationship between the human body and its environment, both immediate and extended. Focusing in her earlier career on creating beautiful clothing that allowed freedom of movement, she then progressed into the larger picture of how the interiors of one's home can inspire human potential.

Consider the spaces in which you now live and imagine what they could show you if they were dressed in your true colors.  Carolyn's creative and refined approach to design produces home interiors that  are not only beautiful to look at, to feel and to experience. They are also uplifting, comfortable, warm and inviting, while drawing out the best in you.  

As she empowers you to experience a heightened awareness of the connection between the quality of your life and what surrounds you in your home; Carolyn's design work inspires you to organically evolve into the life you want by seeing a reflection of your dreams looking back at you each day.

Holding fast to the vision she develops with you for the potential of your home, she works cooperatively with architects, contractors and other trades  to see the project through from concept to punch list.  Carolyn inspires trust, confidence and a relaxed openness in her relationships with everyone with whom she engages. 

She would love to hear from you about how she can help you with your home, or for opportunities to share her knowledge through writing or teaching.

    What carolyn Brings to your Project:


  •  Attentive, active listening.
  • The ability to discern what you really want and to deliver that in the end result.
  • Outside-the-box creativity that helps find surprising and beautiful solutions to challenging spaces.
  • Excellent relationship-building and collaboration with team members; always reaching for the highest version of the design concept a team can produce.
  • Masterful execution of the design you approve.
  • Deep attention to detail - regarding your needs as well as all that is involved in meeting them.
  • Flexibility - understanding the challenges you experience during building or renovation.
  • Responsiveness - design work done on time and within budget.
  • Mastery of the relationship of color and light to overall well being, as well as the success of the project.
  • Expansive knowledge of sustainable practices and products.